Mapes Family Genealogy Form

Please feel free to use the genealogy form available through this page. Just enter your name and answer the simple math question (to discourage robo-spam). When you click on the “Access Mapes Genealogy Form” link you will be taken to a downloadable PDF.
Thank you! — Sven Solander & Steven Mapes
PLEASE NOTE: after you fill out the genealogy form(s), save a copy and “print” a copy out as a PDF. Send the PDF it to Sven. That way you will have your own copy and Sven will have a copy. Sven’s email address is:

If you don’t Adobe Acrobat or a PDF application, you can print out copies of the form, fill them in by hand and mail your genealogy pages to Sven at Sven Selander, Sr., P.O. Box 327 Westport CT 06881-0327

Access Mapes Genealogy Form

5 + 3 = ?

The form fields in the Genealogy sheets should be editable on your computer.  If you choose to print them out first and fill them in by hand, that’s fine too! See highlighted instructions above.

Good luck!

The Mapes family
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