Welcome to the Seward and Mapes Homestead

A National Treasure in Florida, NY

Our Annual Holiday Fruit Sale Fundraiser Helps Preserve Three Historic Landmarks

The purpose of The Florida Historical Society and the Seward/Mapes 
Homestead is to mark and preserve historic places, acquire items with antique or historical value, to preserve them in or near original form as possible and make these items available for the benefit and education of the public.

Working with the community, we strive to to make our unique Orange County heritage come alive with educational programs that engage adults and students alike. This year, our members are working on several exciting projects with 16  middle school and high school YOUNG HISTORIANS.

PLEASE SEE OUR CATALOG and order now! All proceeds of our Annual Fruit Sale Fundraiser go to the restoration 
of the 1840’s Green Family House and the Seward/Mapes Homestead.

William Henry Seward and William Mapes
Fruit Sale

Celebrating the lives and accomplishments of two quintessential Americans

The Seward and Mapes Homestead presents a rare opportunity in historic preservation to focus on the lives and accomplishments of two men deeply engaged in the American Civil War on different levels – one as Secretary of State in the Lincoln Administration and the other as a Union soldier in the illustrious 124th New York State volunteer regiment that fought in many horrific battles from Manassas Gap to Appomattox.

Steve and Irene Curcio

Seward Day 2020

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the celebration of the 220th Anniversary of the birth of our native son William Henry Seward. Like everyone, we hope the pandemic will be history by 2021. We aspire to be an educational asset to the Village of Florida and Orange County, New York. Take a look at the many educational programs we have had in the past: EVENTS

We are always looking for new members. Our volunteers share a passion for celebrating local history and in improving our community’s quality of life.

Our Mission

The mission of The Seward Homestead is to collect, preserve and exhibit historical works and items related to the early life of  William Henry Seward and William E. Mapes through restoration and preservation of this historic site. We also will conduct educational programming which will strive to cultivate and stimulate curiosity about the life of a vitally important figure of American History as well as the life of an “ordinary” Civil War soldier who was anything but ordinary, like so many men and women of his generation.

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Contact: Seward/Mapes Homestead c/o The Village Hall of Florida • 33 South Main Street • Florida, New York • 10921 • 845-651-7626
Email: board@sewardhomestead.org