The 124th New York State Volunteers in the Civil War

Charles J. LaRocca's authoritative history of the famous "Orange Blossoms" uses letters, diary entries, newspaper accounts and remembrances to tell the story of one of the great fighting regiments of the Civil War.

Window in the Mapes House

Honoring William E. Mapes

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William E. MapesMapes did survive, but lost an eye and a leg in the service of his country. His was a record of great bravery, leadership, and determination. Although the most junior of Company B’s three officers, he quickly rose to the rank of Captain and led the company at Gettysburg and in the battles of Grant’s 1864 Overland Campaign until he was wounded near Petersburg. Throughout, Mapes never waivered in his devotion to the Union or his hatred for the Northerners who opposed Lincoln and the war to preserve the Union. These were the Copperheads he was writing about. He regarded them as worse even than the Confederates soldiers who took up arms against their country.

Charles LaRocca, the author of the preceding profile of William E. Mapes, suggested to our organization that “Lt. Mapes’ wishes be honored and that his 'lasting monument' be erected'" in the Village of Florida. We were delighted that the author of the authoritative "The 124th New York State Volunteers in the Civil War" would take and interest in, and be fully committed to, remembering a native son who was representative of many thousands of young men who made great sacrifices to preserve our Union more than 150 years ago.

On October 23, 2014, Mr. LaRocca met with us and proposed:

Learn more about this project. Besides honoring a Civil War veteran, we will also be honoring his Regiment, "The Orange Blossoms", and calling attention to our organization's efforts in restoring Mapes' family home, as well as the birthplace of William H. Seward. Both homes are part of the Seward / Mapes Homestead in the Village of Florida, NY. We hope you will join us!

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The Mapes House, then and now...

The Mapes House then and now...

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